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The Consumer Communication Agency

With over twenty years of retail and distribution experience, Nexxos Marketing Group is a marketing leader that specializes in developing consumer and trade focused brands and companies within the US, Latin America & Caribbean markets.

Our knowledge and understanding of the Latin markets, combined with our home base in Miami also creates the perfect complement to help Brands connect with the US Hispanic audience.

Whether it’s a new product launch, revitalizing a mature brand or broadening brand awareness, creating a unified and dynamic brand experience is key. Our communications plans are designed to take our clients’ business to new levels of visibility, relevance and success.

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Nexxos Insights

Brand Connections need authenticity and identity
Build an identity that connects with your target on an emotional level. A brands identity is defined by its messaging and actions, it must be aligned, consistent and authentic for consumers to truly identify and connect with it.

Brand Connections drive consumption and loyalty
Engage with your audience to unite, connect and express themselves. Utilize innovative communication methods to create affinity and develop real consumer connections.

Brand Connections = Emotions and Engagement
Build a sense of belonging that will create value for your audience. Share memorable experiences that resonate with your consumer and emotionally connect with them by fulfilling a need.


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